Wellness & Healing

Do you think that food can heal dis-ease in the body, including autism?

Yes, I do believe that food plays a role in reducing the diagnosable symptoms of Autism. I have seen many children, including my own, downregulate the severity of the behavioural traits, such as anxiety because their parents & carers can increase vital nutrients into the child’s diet. It was my experience that food and lifestyle also heals autoimmune disease.

What is the most critical facet of healing? 

The most crucial part of healing and recovery is the mindset that people must undertake to strengthen their resolve to change. People must believe that they are an indestructible force when it comes to their spirit and that they can create the life and body they choose.

Are your kids still autistic? 

My eldest was formally diagnosed back in 2010, and since then he has flourished with the help of our "wellbeing team". He is now in a mainstream school and requires no support, he is thriving on his own. My youngest no longer shows signs of ADHD and other developmental traits are now all viewed as being within neo-typical range. 

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a collection of health ideas spanning different cultures that all agree on finding an energetic balance within the body, homeostasis.

The balance of the body is entirely individual in nature. The body, when place under physical, emotional, and mental strain develops disease. Kinesiology seeks to identify the causation of the disease rather than the diagnosis.

What is Metaphysical healing?

Metaphysical healing, in its simplest terms, is the intent to heal someone using the grace of god otherwise known as the Divine Spirit, Source, or my personal favourite - The Divine LOVE Consciousness.  When you love unconditionally, radiating from the hearts intelligence, you can direct this energy vibration towards supporting others to calm down and heal. This is the feeling of love energy, and its effects are profound. 

Crystals & Angelic Realms

Yes, I do. Focusing my intent and belief in the divine brings me comfort allows me a more profound sense of calm and understanding of myself and others. I am also quite eclectic when it comes to faith, and I regularly adopt passages, theories and teaching from a range of cultures and time poits in history. 


What are your credentials? 

  • Diploma in Kinesiology (current focus)

  • Bachelor degree in Teaching

  • Intergrative Nutrition Health Coach

  • Reiki Master

  • Angel Reader

Do you take on private clients?

Usually people find me via work of mouth. 

Do you run workshops? 

I run workshps when the right people present themselves. This is a rare event indeed but not out of the question. It's not about money, it's about the experience of being with other purpose driven individuals and communities.