I’m a passionate and engaging speaker who delivers keynote speeches, workshops and programs on health and wellbeing to audiences in Australia and around the world. My experience as a health coach and personal journey of healing has inspired people from all walks of life, helping them re-imagine the way they eat, move, live and love.

When you’re looking to inspire and motivate, a dull speech full of facts and figures just doesn’t cut it.

I share my story in a way that resonates with your audience and gives them the practical tools they need to transform their health and wellbeing. My presenting style is refreshingly candid and a little cheeky, keeping your audience on the edge of their seat until the very end.

Whether you need a speaker for a large conference, small workshop or group discussion, I make sure every event is designed to meet the needs of your business. My ability to listen and connect with your audience means they’ll gain valuable insights without the pressure of a formal learning environment. I can present on a range of topics, depending on your needs. Popular topics include:

  • a holistic approach to healing 
  • work-life balance for exceptional humans
  • reducing stress and living with passion
  • building intuitive states of awareness in energetically sensitive people
  • tips for living the paleo life
  • crafting a kitchen ritual that supports allergies, autism, autoimmune protocols and higher states of awareness through food
  • recipe development from chocolate to fermented foods
  • Q&A sessions in spiritual awareness, autism parenting and being a fabulous human. 

Each topic is well-developed and based on what’s worked for my own family, with personal anecdotes to help your audience apply the lessons I’ve learnt in their own lives. My holistic approach means I don’t subscribe to any particular diet or exercise regime—I believe in looking at the bigger picture to understand how our lifestyle, environment, beliefs and community impact our health and wellbeing.