Vulnerable moments happen when we feel safe.

When this happens we all expand, heal, restore, and revitalise our hearts.

I hope you feel the truth, honesty and love in my writing

Copy of  Preface 
Desire, hope and truth provide for some enormous revelations in this experience. 

Desire is a reflection of what you seek. Hope functions to hold the lit candle to a desired plan and truth is what .png

Looking for a little guidance?

Here's a tiny little ebook to get you started in making sustainable changes towards better health outcomes for the humans you love.

I wrote a book called A Well Fed Heart it is filled with delicious recipes, practical tools and hard-won insights that I learnt from years of experience searching for the answers to my own family’s health problems.You won’t find any fad diets, quick fixes or photo-shopped bodies, just healthy ways to heal your body, mind and spirit.

A Well-Fed Heart: Autistic to Artistic

When Leah Follett’s son was diagnosed as moderately autistic with an expressive and receptive language disorder, it was a moment of realisation for her and husband Mark.

They had both battled a lifetime of illnesses, from asthma and allergies to anxiety and autoimmune disease. But it wasn’t until her children experienced serious health problems that Leah began her search for answers, bringing her family back from the brink of disease so they could enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

A Well-Fed Heart is a story of how one family learnt to thrive, using a simple and practical approach to living well. It follows Leah through the ups and downs of her journey, as she strived to create a nourishing and healing environment for herself and her family. She shares the holistic approach that healed many of the symptoms her family had struggled with for years, with reflections that are valuable for anyone looking to start their own journey towards health and wellbeing.

A Well-Fed Heart features:

  • Well-researched advice on autism, autoimmune disease, allergies, food intolerance, anxiety, gut problems, weight fluctuation and more

  • 60+ grain, gluten and dairy free recipes

  • Tips to help you remove harmful chemicals from your home

  • Shopping lists, health notes and other resources.

A Well-Fed Heart: Autistic to Artistic is available in print and ebook at Amazon, Balboa Press and iBooks. If you’ve read the book and would like a consultation to ask any questions or discuss your health and wellbeing goals, feel free to get in touch.

“This is the book I needed when I was sick and exhausted and felt like I had nowhere else to turn,” Leah said. “I hope my experiences help other people who are looking to recover from illness or simply want a better balance in their life. It’s time to stop thinking about health in terms one type of diet or one person’s opinion, and start looking at the bigger picture. If I can make small, sustainable changes and see a dramatic difference in my family’s health and wellbeing, then you can too.”