What’s missing from the GAPS Diet.

If you’ve read Dr Campbell-McBride’s diet-bible and understood the importance of healthy gut function, there is no doubt that you’ll be working including more fermented foods, filtered water and also living a low chemical lifestyle. Unfortunately, most mainstream diet books overlook the importance of “self-health”. Self-health regards that the way you feel about yourself, your anxiety and fears all play a role in how well you digest your life.

What you believe to be true about yourself is everything.

I’m a prime example of diet and lifestyle failure. For years I focused on excluding foods, counting macronutrients, overtraining to the point of extreme fatigue and finally I succumbed to the effect of nutrient deficiency. I focused entirely on the physical reality of my body because that’s what I could rationalise. I never once thought that I could be mentally sabotaging every outcome.

In 2005, I worked through early stages of the GAPS diet but instead of getting better, I got worse. I lost so much weight that every vertebra along my spine was visible but I clung to the GAPS diet as our salvation because it was our last hope, as a nutritionally deficient family with Autism, food intolerance and I had an autoimmune disease. I was 100% devoted to this diet because my kids were thriving, but it just was not working for me. It wasn't until years later, I discovered that it was my own mental “self-talk” that affected the way I processed food as well as my environment, including other people.

I began to study mindfulness in all things

OLD ME: “You are not enough, you don’t deserve this, you’re not worth anything!” With this kind of message filtering through my mind, infiltrating my body, there was no hope of recovery. You must believe that you are “worth it” in every cell of your body. This concept sets the precedent and provides the overall structure for every single interaction.

NEW ME: “I am enough, I am deserving of this, I am worth everything my heart desires.”

If you invest your focus in identifying your beliefs, as I am, over time you too will be successful at healing your gut, nourishing the body and overall you will transform your life in every aspect.

My top 5 tips for supporting your digestive system.

  1. Clean up all areas of your lifestyle. My book AWFH will help you both emotionally and physically because it was written just for you.
  2. Set clear boundaries surrounding how much time you can give to others and what you need for yourself.
  3. Meditation relaxes the mind and body and helps you calm the nervous system. When you are calm, the parasympathetic nervous system engages, and the "rest and digest" bodily processes kick into gear.
  4. Start tuning into what makes you feel exceptionally good, and do more of that. Things like walking or movement meditation, journaling, sound baths, and reading self-empowerment books are all a great start.
  5.  Practice kindness without and expectation of any return or glory. Acts of kindness are good juju, and it’s good for your heart.