Water Filtration

One of the pillars of improving health is focussing on water quality. Our bodies need a healthy supply of water to complete the following functions:

  1. Maintain optimal body temperature

  2. Transport nutrients around the body

  3. Water helps us to break down our food

  4. We use water to excrete toxins through sweat and urine.

Municipal water supplies are treated with a myriad of chemicals, two of which are Chlorine and Fluoride.

Chlorine, kills unsafe levels bacteria making water safe to drink. Drinking chlorinated water affects the body's natural ecology. Chlorine, by design, kills ALL bacteria and this includes both beneficial and pathogenic varieties. Beneficial bacteria are important because they strengthen your immune system, protects against bacterial overgrowth as well as help break down your food in the digestive system.

Fluoride, is a toxic chemical used to help people protect teeth from tooth decay. In recent studies Fluoride has been found to “bioaccumulate” in the body of humans which increases body toxicity levels. This additional chemical burden can damage organs and impair brain function which leaves people feeling fatigued and suffering joint inflammation. This begs the question “do you really have arthritis or is it just the water?”

Bathing, swimming, drinking, cooking and showering in chlorinated water have been known to cause a myriad of health issues.  My children experienced symptoms of digestive reflux, joint pain and inflammation, eczema and dermatitis, cognitive impairments and digestive distress.  I noticed that after our weekly swimming lessons, in a chlorinated pool, the children were cranky, sensitive to sound and light, their skin was red and irritated and by the following day both children had runny snotty noses.

These days we are able to avoid chlorine by implementing a few strategies:

  1. We use a 5 stage reverse osmosis filter for cooking and drinking water.

  2. We take water with us everywhere in stainless steel or glass water bottles.

  3. We have a small filter on the shower head that removes chlorine.

  4. We swim at the beach instead of the town pool.. unless the pool has a salt water chlorinator.

There are heaps of water filters available for every home and every budget.

You’ll be surprised how much better you feel once you switch.