Superfood Lollies for Super kids

Kids love brightly coloured foods but hate eating the things that look healthy. Why not try making your own chewy jelly lollies with superfood powders, essential oils or fruit juice?


1 cup of filtered water

3 TBSP gelatin powder

1-3 tsp maple syrup +

1 tsp of your preferred spice or superfood powder.

Colour examples - 

E3live algae powder (blue) ORDER HERE From e3Live Australia and use the code: algaepixie for a 10% discount + free shipping. 

Beetroot powder (red)

Turmeric powder (yellow)

Dragon fruit powder (pink)


In a large dish sprinkle gelatin over the top of the filtered water and let it “bloom” or absorb into the water forming a cold, thick soup.

Transfer the cold gelatin soup to a saucepan and simmer the mix until the gelatin has fully dissolved then allow the mix to cool slightly before adding in the desired flavours (maple, citrus, ginger, etc.)

Pour mixture into silicone moulds and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes.