Are sick kids the rainbow children?

As a mother of a child once diagnosed with autism, I believe that the ASD children of the world are in cahoots with the Universe. Likewise, any other child affected by food intolerance and illnesses or dysfunction also work tirelessly, deepening their parent's awareness of holistic wellbeing.

I believe that when children suffer from illness or disease, they challenge their parents to courageously step forward as advocates of their children's health, life, and happiness.

In researching the phenomena of "the rainbow children" I discovered that; they seek to change the world, they lift parents to a higher level of selfless action, they bring our focus back to nurturing, acceptance and love, and they mark a place of change for all.

Through illness, I believe that these children call upon their parents to create the world where they can thrive, and in looking around, I can see that many parents have taken up the challenge at a grassroots level.

In my home, I was forced to take a more holistic approach to feeding and taking care of my kids, right down to the detergent I used. I discovered that the highly fragranced laundry liquid I used caused great irritation to not only the skin but also the digestive system. My son couldn't pardon the pun, "stomach it."

Are these sick and sensitive kids here to create change and lift world consciousness by forcing families to adopt a holistic pathway thus reducing the burden on the planet and simultaneously creating a deeper connection with humanity and the earth?

Yes, I think so.


Further investigations into the character traits of a “Rainbow Child” revealed that they are; creative, often living in a daydream, ultra-sensitive to the environment and people around them, strong willed and enthusiastic.

The following traits were ones I found which sounded more specific to autism kids:

1) They often go without food or sleep for periods of time.

2) They mirror emotional and energetic behaviour back at their parents. e.g. if you’re mad, they’re having a meltdown

3) They have big eyes & often see things that we can’t perceive.

4) They have chosen a life path to help guide and teach others.

Rainbow children are; sensitive to everything including sound, toxic products like paints and perfumes, and they also appear to have food intolerances and react to synthetic colours, flavours, and preservatives among other things.

All children operate at the level of the soul. They are creative, imaginative and they are unapologetically responsive to the stimulus that surrounds them, therefore we need to look to our children for guidance on creating a world that they can thrive in.