Intention & Prayer; How prepare for the week ahead.

Intentions, goals and measurable milestones rule our lives.

As a mother, I rush to fit it all in and regrettably I lose sight of the important facets of who I am and my desires.  I signed up for motherhood; I felt it calling to me and now the best thing I can do to hold this feeling of purpose is to reaffirm the person I am and who I  aspire to be weekly. 

Sunday has always been reserved as a day of worship, and although I don’t prescribe to any one religion or philosophy, I still practice reflection, prayer, intention and restoration on this day; digging deep into my spiritual connection and calling. 
By focusing on a few simple elements, I allow the heart to radically lead my life forcing both truth and balance. 

Tips for a “Soul-Deep” Sunday:
Make sure that you allow yourself 2-3 hours minimum to drop into this space connecting through music, writing, oracle cards, meditation and crystal work. 

  • Write out your souls calling, self-truth and purpose which includes career, family, and creative visions. This is the time to get down any of the magic that makes your heart throb with joy and vision. During this time pay attention to any icky feelings or negative imagery. This holds you back, this is fear talking, and this needs to be released.

These are a few of my own statements that you may also connect with:

 “I want to grow a deeper love for my child and feel less resentment towards the mundane responsibilities that come with parenting”

“I feel lost in my role at work, I want to reconnect with the reason I’m here”

“Creativity and freedom elude me, I want to find time for self-healing and expression”

"I need more time for meditation."

  • Schedule your Sunday lamentations into your week. There are entries in everyone’s dairy that we are 100% committed to fulfilling. Time spent at work, household responsibilities and child rearing consume most of this period, but there are also moments that can easily be identified as “free-time”. It is important to insert the heart’s desires into your week, otherwise week after week you will become more despondent and lost, living a life of “have-to's” and “should’s”.


  • Ground yourself and getting stuck into tying up loose ends that consume these precious moments. After visualising, connecting and planning; set yourself the task of baking, ironing, and doing your grocery shopping for the entire week, clean out your inbox, relay the weekly plan to the kids checking their weekly schedule. This ensures that life's hiccups won't take over or interrupt your "free time."


  • Finally, once you’ve connected, planned and organised yourself, jump back into the “connected-creative” mode and do whatever will inspire and urge you on for the week. Is it to hang out at the cafe reading, purchasing a new crystal, book, journal, or researching a workshop/class?

Being with yourself, unpacking fears and listening to your heart’s vision is the biggest reward ever. For people like me, this is the proverbial carrot for motivating the suborn mule. 

BTW if you manage to dig deep emotionally connecting with the heart, you'll realise that your entire week, including your job and parenting, were your soul's calling and purpose at some point. You've just forgotten that you love it all; your perception is dulled because of the sleepness nights of mothering and worrying over finances. Remember that it is all a matter of perception and changing your perception, takes but a moment. 

How much easier is it to accomplish the things that you love?