5 Easy ways to get more water into your kids.

As a parent, I still have concerns about the amount of water my kids need each day. 
My oldest child (13yrs) plays 13+ hours of tennis a week, and my youngest (8yrs) is the biggest busy-body who has to involved in absolutely everything!

The amount of water needed for a human depends on daily exertion, physicality, season, geography and so many other considerations unique to that individual. 
Here are a few ideas that keep the water flowing in my house.

  1. Freeze a small amount of fruit (berries) in ice cube trays. This makes the water look more appealing to our little ones. You can add a pinch of rock salt, some apple-cider vinegar and a small amount of lime juice to the ice cube mix for added beneficial bacteria, minerals, and flavour. 
  2. Buy a soda stream and let them make their drinks. Santa Clause really came through for us with this gift! The kids love making their soda-pop and ice-tea from homemade blends & juice/veggie concentrates
  3.  Increase the number of soups, smoothies, ice blocks and jellies that the kids have access to. Jellies are great in lunchboxes, soups freeze well and make the perfect standby meal for when you don't have the energy to pull of the usual evening banquet, and smoothies are just plain fun. BTW any left over smoothie need not go to waste, why not freeze them and make ice blocks. Ice blocks are the perfect treat on a hot day. You can load them with all kinds of healthy ingredients. Why not try making a kefir-milk chocolate one with kefir for beneficial bugs, cacao powder for magnesium (nervous system support) and a small amount of date paste for energy. Heck, I give left over smoothie ice blocks to the kids for breakfast on the run!
  4. Don't over look the water content in food. Salad greens like iceberg lettuce are loaded with water, as is cabbage, tomatoes, and capsicum. Chia seed puddings are also a good way to sneak in more water too. 
  5. Lastly, Bathtime!!! We absorb water through the skin so at the very least if your little one flat out refuses to drink water, you can always pop them in the bathtub with some relaxing essential oils, Epsom salts and or bicarb for a "play" with their favourite toys.

Importantly, We need to learn to trust our instincts and consider also what our kids are telling us. Sometimes they know better than we do. 

BTW the kids mimic what you're doing...how much water have you drunk today?

For more information check out my post about water filtration and check out what Dr MERCOLA has to say about ideal water consumption