Finding my own spiritual practice

Working on my own spiritual connection was a little scary at first. As I looked around, I observed other people's practices and was left feeling inadequate and lost. How was I going to find myself and build my own practice?  

I decided that spirituality was the missing link needed for my own optimum health and ultimate happiness, so I set out to find a religion, faith or practice that I could live with, something that I could apply and implement daily. However, the issue that concerned me most was that I had not been brought up in a spiritually founded family. I was an absolute "greenhorn."

At the time, I figured that; the Tibetan monks had years of enculturation with youngsters experiencing meditation as part of their education in school; the best Catholics are the ones that are born Catholic, and I certainly hadn't grown up in a commune.  I was worried that because I no experience in spirituality, I wouldn't be any good as it.

The truth is that I put spiritually devout people on a pedestal. I thought that their practice would always be better than mine because they started before me.  I also felt that unless I bought into or submerged myself in every teaching, then I wouldn't receive the full benefit of a full spiritual connection. Kind of like only knowing how to do the first part of a magic trick.

Today, having focused on many of my "internal false dialogue" stories, reading, researching and attending many session with all manner of teachers I have decided that my practice eclectic.

The fact is that I grew up with a cosmic mix of spirituality all around me and now I benefit from switching between different dogma depending on my need. I sit and meditate, I pray to angels for help, and I return to the arms of mother nature working with crystals, plants, and sound for healing. All of this fit perfectly into my day because I mould a practice that suits what I feel.

I believe that this reflects the multicultural immersion, the mishmash of culture that we are experiencing as a global people, we are one race after all.

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- Read, research and interpret different philosophies for yourself.

- Subscribe to belief for a week or two and see if it fits.

- Attend group meetings and feel out the people in that community.

- Stay in the "spiritual closet" if you need to feel comfortable with your beliefs

- Never profess that you know all, science doesn't.

- Be excited about what you know and how you feel but never disparage another’s path.


Remember, there are no wrong paths or choices