Yes, I've gone offline! 
So what brought this on?

1) A desire to complete a task...or 16
2) Following my intuition on creative process
3) Happy and harmonious home life

For the past few months, I've felt over-burdened which causes me to over eat as a coping mechanism. I then become manic in my emotions, I forgo meditation and movement for productivity, and I do not feel like I'm walking my talk. Imposter Syndrome!

Do you feel stretched?

Are you always playing catch-up?

Do you feel that there's not enough time in the day?

Are you concerned about the stress and burden you're causing to your endocrine system and digestive health? 

Is it time to evaluate the sources of inward-facing happiness? 

Sometimes you've got to bow out so you can come back rejuvenated. 

Lately, I've been writing a book about gut instinct, aka intuitiveness, and it's made me look deeply at how I discovered my intuitive gifts and when exactly the most profound experiences occurred. This book is taking me back to my roots, and it must be completed. I hope you understand.

I'm Offline.png

In the last 12 months, I have moved interstate, launched a new website, written four new ebook-programs (not published, yet) etc etc.  But truthfully, I'm struggling to fit everything in, and I'm not great at out sourcing it either. PLUS!!! Mark (my love) and his business partner Jen opened an engineering office here in Melbourne, and I've been helping out in the office 1-2 days a week.

I hope to be back online in 6-8 weeks and for once feel like I'm on top of it all.

Blessings of love and happiness to you.

Chat soon
Leah x

note: For the people working with me currently in private mentoring session, healing clinic and my much-loved doTERRA tribe; I am here for you, as needed - just call me.

For everyone else, I am contactable by email leah@akesisbalance if you need me.