Who am I…

The question as long as time that each of us seek, who are we really?

The fact is that today I am a mother, author, teacher. Yesterday I was a Reiki Practitioner and the day before that a Health coach. “If the hat fits, wear it!”

I am what I am to those that need me in that moment. My skill-base, developed over a lifetime, serves others in whatever space I’m working in. For 6 years I worked tirelessly to heal our two children’s health concerns surrounding Autism and ADHD to great effect and now what remains is the emotional and spiritual connection that is made so much easier when the physical aspects of diet, exercise and lifestyle are addressed.

Healing is done over a lifetime and when you think you’ve done it all you realise that you are, once again, a learner”

family group

William (10years), Mark, Gabriel (5 years), & Leah at home in Sydney, June 2014